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If your social media feed hasn't been filled with beautiful spring weddings for the past few weeks, we are here to tell you spring wedding season is in full force! Event planners are focused on their spring 2019 couples, and gearing up for design meetings for their 2020 couples! Each season bears different weather, color palettes/designs, and also flowers! While some flowers bloom year round, there are a few favorites that only come around in the spring. If flowers are high on your list of importance, you may even set your wedding date based on what is in season. We don't blame you, we have seasonal favorites as well! Flowers are a monumental design element that more often than not makes quite the impact on your guests, and below you will find flowers that make even an impact on us! All of the beauties you find below come in several different shades; so if you love the flower pictured but don't particularly love the color, there may be another shade that is more fitting!



Fringed Tulip

Shades: pink, purple, red, white, and yellow



Shades: pink, red, and white


Shades: pink, orange, red, yellow, white


Shades: pink, purple, and white

Our team cannot wait to see a variety of these flowers in our upcoming spring events! We hope these beauties served as inspiration for your events as well. To the couples and their families preparing for their fast approaching wedding this year, soak up every minute of being engaged and enjoy all of your wedding festivities! To the couples gearing up for their wedding in 2020, deep breaths! It may seem like so many details and moving parts, but we promise your vision will come to fruition and everything will be stunning!


The Hill & Co. Creative Team


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