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Easter is a great time of year for many reasons including having the perfect excuse to utilize bright colors not only in your wardrobe but throughout your home. When hosting an Easter meal it is okay to go a little wild with colors, in fact we encourage it! If your day to day tablescape is on the monochromatic side, people will be impressed and pleasantly surprised when they walk in and admire the colorful change in your dining room. Our team has curated a list of our favorites we have seen for the occasion, and hope you feel inspired by them as well!

Are you wanting to have speciality flatware, glassware, or china but don't want to buy it? Your local rental companies may be able to help you with those needs! Take a look at their inventory on their websites and see if anything pops out at you, and give them a call or send them an email to see if it is a possibility!

Often people get a little nervous pairing colors that they have never paired before, but that is when the magic happens! Exploring different ways to mix and match napkins, glassware, flatware, and china is part of all of the fun and can create some beautiful photos and inspiration for others! Subtle hints of Easter decor goes a long way, you decide whether you want a subtle bunny ear napkin ring, eggs throughout the table, or simply bright colors.

Whether you are planning to stick with one focal color or ready to pair away, we know your table will be a showstopper! We can't wait to see some of your designs on social media; our designer hearts will be bursting out of our chests! This spring air is making us giddy for spring clothing, outside dining, and spring wedding season of course!


The Hill & Co. Creative Team


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