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Fourth of July Essentials

Here are some helpful ideas to ensure your 4th of July party is sparkling!

  • Make a fourth of July themed dessert! Who wants to eat plain food on a holiday? Spice up your table with fun desserts such as red velvet cupcakes, blue and red fruit kabobs, or a patriotic cake!

  • The Fourth of July is all about celebrating. What better way to celebrate than playing a bunch of fun games with your family and friends? Head to the store and invest in some friendly backyard games such as badminton, cornhole, or volleyball to keep everyone entertained!

  • Decorate your home! Any good host knows that the atmosphere makes or breaks the party, so be sure to accessorize your home with all things red white and blue. You can also play around with plates, napkins, glassware, etc. All your guests will be feeling patriotic pride in no time!

  • Make a festive charcuterie board. While your guests are waiting on the main meal, have a board of assorted cheeses and crackers that they can snack on. It offers variety and is visually appealing when displayed in your home. Get creative with it!


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