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The Best Way to Greet Your Guests? A Drink!

In the summer heat, especially down here in Charleston, South Carolina, what better way to greet your guests than with a fun, refreshing, and stunning summer cocktail! Whether you are looking for a pre-ceremony drink or a signature cocktail for the reception, we think these five cocktails are the way to go. 1) Tropical Rosé Aperol Spritz An Aperol Spritz has easily become the go-to cocktail for nearly everyone this summer, and we all know why! With a beautiful color and great taste, you can not go wrong with this spirit. We found this fun twist on the oh-so-popular cocktail to make it even more summery, and even tastier! By using a sparkling rosé instead of prosecco, lemon pellegrino instead of plain soda water, and passion fruit and lime juices, you can upgrade a traditional Aperol Spritz to one even more perfect for summer time, and a great greeting for your guest.

Find the full recipe here!

2) Sweet Georgia Peach Drink

Since we are in the prime of Georgia Peach season, we just had to include this summer-time drink: the Sweet Georgia Peach Smash. By using an Old Camp Whiskey, which is peach and pecan flavored, paired with lemon juice, simple syrup, soda water, and muddled peaches, you can make this delicious, seasonal cocktail! Be sure to add some edible flowers and peach slices as a garnish to make this drink look as good as it tastes!

Find the full recipe here!

3) Honey Thyme Margarita

This cocktail is for the tequila lovers, especially those who do not want a drink too artificially sweet! By mixing silver tequila with fresh squeezed lime and grapefruit juice, orange liqueur, and a fresh honey thyme syrup you can make a perfect, super refreshing margarita to greet your guests during cocktail hour! Oh, and be sure to not forget the sea salt rim and lime garnish!

Find the full recipe here!

4) Hibiscus and Grapefruit Gin and Tonic

This summer take on a classic gin and tonic offers a great option for a couple looking to excite their wedding day drink options! By using dried hibiscus flowers to dye and flavor the gin and topping it off with tonic water, sliced grapefruit, and cucumber, this beautiful summer-time cocktail will for sure be a hit with guests.

Find the full recipe here!

5) Lemon Berry Prosecco Sangria

For the lovers of anything bubbly, this Lemon Berry Prosecco Sangria is a great cocktail option to help refresh your guests during your summer time ceremony! Starting with lots of muddled lemon slices and strawberries, add a bottle of your favorite prosecco, and top with more sliced fruit and mint leaves. This stunning summer cocktail will be sure to leave your guests wanting another glass.

Find the full recipe here, and happy summer sipping!


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