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Often times, when couples who are planning their wedding think about incorporating color, their minds automatically gravitate towards the flowers. While the florals are such a key design element in your big day, it is only one piece of the puzzle! Pairing colors and incorporating them in different ways is all part of the fun, and below you will find some ideas to get the wheels turning on how to bring color into your day!


Linens are a great way to add a pop of color into your design, whether it may be a solid color or patterned linen. These will draw your guests eye, and lighten the overall feel of the space.

Place Cards

If you have been on Instagram or Pinterest lately, you know that there is an abundance of ideas for place cards! This subtle element can make a big impact on your guests when they are looking for their seat. Unique place cards are highly encouraged when having assigned seating!


Ahh, pretty china is the essence of an elegant dinner setting. Whether it is all of your china or just your salad plate, this is one of the places that you cannot go wrong with the color or pattern you choose. Rental places in your area provide endless selections but fear not, if you have a planner they have an eye for design and can offer suggestions when it comes to your color palette!


We understand adding color in certain places feels like a big risk, but take this beauty for example. Before seeing this image, you could have never imagined navy draping in this setting. But now can you imagine it without the navy? It was the perfect addition to this already bright and welcoming space.


Image: Jennings King

Who knew they made napkins so pretty? Patterned napkins have become a new trend, and we don't believe that there is anyone against it! This is another amazing example of a subtle addition of not only color but texture to your tablescape.

All of the stunning images of colorful events flooding our social media feeds makes our team so excited for events in the works and events to come. Colors are meant to be utilized as a representation of you and your spouse on your wedding day. Whether you two are simple and whites and greens mirror both of your personalities, or if all of your guests know you love the color yellow! Think about your favorites colors you want to incorporate and your design will be flawless.


The Hill & Co. Creative Team


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