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April showers bring May flowers...the importance of a rain plan!

Charleston weather can be pleasant all year-round, but that does not mean a stray shower cannot pop up unexpectedly. Thankfully, we are able to track weather hours, days, and even weeks in advance. Early on in the planning process, we discuss a rain plan option with all of our clients. While it is not always a favorite topic of conversation, we believe in being proactive, rather than reactive. We want our clients to see realistic numbers of what adding a tent can cost and plan ahead so those costs are not unexpected IF we have to go with Plan B or C on wedding day.

Sometimes you have to move forward with the 'rain' plan when there is a chance of rain and it turns out to be a beautiful day, but even then, the design is still stunning. Take a peek at some of our favorite tent designs that you would never believe were not a part of the 'Plan A design'!


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