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Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Delicious cuisine and cocktails are Charleston's love language and this week, we are head over heels in love. The Charleston Wine and Food Festival is kicking off on Wednesday March 6th, and you may want to postpone your diet until next week because you won't want be able to resist this week full of fabulous events!

Each day there is something different in store, and while some events are already sold out you will want to get your tickets for the events that are still available!

You will have the opportunity to meet some of Charleston's most distinguished chefs as well as local favorites at their signature dinners, brunches + lunches, and cooking classes. You will also have the chance to learn from beverage professionals about wine, beer, and cocktails.

For more information, click here! This festival is fun for locals and guests, and we strongly urge you to talk a walk on the wild side and try items you have never tried before! There are even opportunities to sneak a work out in here and there throughout the week, crazy right?! It is possible to enjoy a workout during a week of filling your stomach with delectable food and drinks, and some perks come with it too. We hope to see you at some events!!


The Hill & Co. Creative Team


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