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The importance of wedding insurance

We are currently in one of the toughest times the event and wedding season has faced in quite some time. Though it is a tough thing to think about, disasters can happen at any time and we encourage our couples to be prepared. Whether it be a natural disaster, vendors that are no-shows, or a sudden death or illness right before or on the wedding day, wedding insurance helps protect couple's wedding investments from circumstance they cannot control.

While pricing for each policy ranges based on the overall budget of the wedding and what items the couple want to include in the coverage, most wedding insurance polices are no more than $1,500, with many people even half of that. In the overall budget of the wedding, having this extra peace of mind is well worth it.

Fall brides: Charleston has been hit with a major weather disaster, including flooding and a major hurricane or tropical storm the past three years in a row! As climate conditions continue to change and warm the Atlantic Ocean, we have seen a growing trend, that unfortunately, seems to be consistent every year. Hurricane season lasts June - November and Charleston has been hit September and October the past three years. While the summer months have scathed by, we cannot be sure this will always be the case. While hurricanes and natural weather disasters are not the only major things a wedding insurance policy may cover, we know disasters can strike at any time, our fall brides definitely get extra encouragement to look into a wedding insurance policy!

Every wedding policy and every wedding is different. Make sure to talk to your agent about what could be covered and make sure you understand all the details ahead of time! We want you to be prepared in the face of an emergency, whatever that may look like in your wedding scenario.


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